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The Mastering professional is essential in order to produce an excellent quality CD that will be commercially viable: The FINAL MASTER CD.

The creation of this Master CD is essential before any mass duplication/pressing step of your music CD.

The mastering time can vary from 15 to 60 minutes to master a stereo track depending on the quality and consistency of the mixes made and their formats and resolutions.

A professional product is a product that is well balanced in frequency, balance and volume. Whether it's played on radio, in a "Label" office, in a nightclub, on TV or simply in your living room, the CD will always have the same balance and sound quality.

Mastering will effectively give more clarity, depth, punch, relief, power, character and all the qualities that your recordings deserve.

Mastering services offered:

  • Listening control room equipped with high quality analog and digital tools: compressors, limiters, equalizers, analog/digital converters, and "monitoring" system.
  • Digital conversion by the latest 24-bit technology.
  • Track maintenance in 24-bit resolution throughout the process preserving the highest resolution before converting to 16-bit
  • Remastering consists of preparing a new edition of a project already published.
  • Since the 80s, many analog master-tapes have been digitally remastered.

The operation involves erasing all traces of the original analog media such as tape hiss, clicks and scratches of black disks, etc… But also to "re-boost" the work according to the artistic criteria of the time.

With our reading equipment complying with old analog formats and our restoration and mastering cells, Europa Dubbing is your ideal partner for the reissue of your old masters.


  • 20/08/12 Europa Dubbing will exhibit at MIPCOM, Cannes from 8th to 11th.

    Book a meeting to our stand n° 15.33.

  • 01/09/12 It's Official, Europa Dubbing become a sponsor of DISCOP AFRICA in Johannesbourg.

    Come to see us at stand N°16, or ask for a free badge to our sales department.

  • 04/06/12 Great News ! Europa Dubbing AMERICA, Miami will be inaugurated for Q4 2012.

    from or to English, Spanish and Portuguese , any projects will be done at home and never outsourced.

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